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1. Employment between the Team Member and Mac's Pizza, LLC ( "DBA: Big John's Pizza”) is based on a voluntary relationship. Either the Team Member or the Company may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice at the option of either the Company or the Team Member. Any agreement to the contrary must be in writing and signed by Mac's Pizza, LLC in order to be binding.

2. I hereby authorize Big John's Pizza to thoroughly investigate my references, work record, and education, and further authorize the references I have listed to disclose to the Company any and all letters, reports, and other information related to my work records, without giving me prior notice of such disclosure. In addition, I hereby release Big John's Pizza, my former employers, and all other persons, corporations, partnerships and associations from any and all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of or in any way related to such investigation or disclosure.

3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it should be specifically understood that any failure of a Team Member to conform to the rules and regulations of Big John's Pizza, any refusal to participate in drug screenings (due to reasonable suspicion) which may be requested by

Big John's Pizza, and/or any misstatement or omission in this application shall be cause for immediate dismissal.

4. Big John's Pizza is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

My signature below certifies that the information that I have provided is true. I understand that any omissions or false information are grounds for rejection of my application or termination of employment. I have had the opportunity to have my questions about this section’s content and intent answered and I understand its terms.

Thanks for Submitting!

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